Interactive Voice Response & Auto Dialers

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IVR & Auto Dialer Units.

técrave is presenting one of the best IVR Solutions in INDIA, which is not only feasible but portable. Experience our best-in-class IVR Technology, which handles Auto Dialing, IVR Based Call Routing, Click To Call, Voice Broadcasting, Messaging, Voice Recording & well developed Control Panel & that too with no monthly cost!!!!

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técrave's smart IVR benefits

Looking to develop Interactive Voice Response for your business? We got you covered, with smart IVR unit you can manage your IVR system at full ease, at no monthly cost, upgrade your customer experience with installing our SMART IVR device & believe us your customers would love to hear your voice!!!

We have mentioned all the features and functionalities below, still you need any guidance drop us a message on [email protected], we would love to help you out.

IVR Service


Auto Dialer

Tired of dialing each number? We got you covered with our auto-dialing feature. Simply upload your list into our device & our unit will dial the number for you!!!



Our device comes with Click-To-Call functionality, which makes your outbound services much easier and faster.


Intelligent Call Routing

Eliminate long call queues by intelligently routing every caller to the right department & agent.


Voice Broadcasting

Hiring telesales to market your business?, hmm… we got a cheaper solution for you, use our Voice Broadcasting Channel, where you can fetch millions of number into the system & our device will start calling to your future clients & that too with lead reports, isn’t that cool, so give us a chance to uphold your marketing campaign.


Voice Mails

Are you missing your client’s calls because of working hours? No worries, our Smart Device got you covered with our Voicemail service, which records your clients' messages after business hours & on Holidays.


Bulk Messaging

Send hundreds of bulk messaging to your loyal customers at just the click of a button.


Design Concept

Rugged Design we have adopted advance microprocessor controlling circuit which make it suitable for 24x7 running


Setup & Configuration

Manage all these services from your panel, and set all the parameters in few clicks.


No Monthly Rentals!!!

Say goodbye to heavy monthly rentals & huge space consumptions, our device is smaller than a phone, don’t trust us? experience yourself. Give us a call & fix a free demo & we guarantee you would love it!


Call Recording & Monitoring

Keep a tab on every customer conversation with automated & unlimited call recording service