Face Recognition

An automated software for
managing attendance.


In this day and age distinguishing an individual with facial focuses is an extraordinary blend of AI and Algorithm of Code. Live Face Recognition has accomplished colossal thought in security frameworks, because of its exact and quick outcomes.

product development


To defeat the issues in attendance system faced by educational and professional workspaces, we designed a software which collaborates with AI and face acknowledgment innovation.

Pose variation

At the point when the client isn't glancing legitimately in the camera, they would at present get identified. The product perceives the client regardless of whether only 68% of the face is noticeable.

Facial expression changes

The product can identify the face notwithstanding changes in it. The pictures of the individual are trained into the software, so it will remember them dependent on facial focuses.

Image resolution and quality

The product needn't bother with an incredible camera to catch the picture as our algorithm improves the picture by utilizing filters, for example, Gaussian Filter in OpenCV.