Kiran Motors

Python based software
to dynamically manage data.


Despite the fact that they had a current software working for them, the customer accepted that it isn't sufficient to spare all the information that they had been putting away throughout the long term. Recognizing this circumstance, the customer approached us and we designed a solution that tended to their issues and considerably more.


Large information stockpiling

With our product, it got simpler for them to store substantial pieces of data. With a coordinated method of putting away information, arranging and addition of data was certainly not a repetitive errand.

Data import

Our product brings information from the encrypted server to their local machine. When the information is sorted, it is seen in the excel sheet which makes it simpler to keep a tab on the data stored.

Data export

Information from the previous software was moved to our product which it transferred to the database and segregated into their respective columns. Our product ensured all the data entered was unique and not rehashed.


We esteem security and consequently, we gave four-layer insurance in our product

Layer 1:

each client has been given a particular client id and password. After this, our server sends an OTP which they should affirm.

Layer 2:

there is a 128-bit key put away in our private server just as the customer's server. The keys need to match to offer admittance to the information base.

Layer 3:

each employee has his own permit which needs to coordinate with the product permit. Only, at that time, will they have the option to see and alter the information base.

Layer 4:

We stored all the MAC addresses of the PCs and workstations that can approach the server and information base in our cloud. In the event that the mac addresses tends to coordinate, they can get to the information base.

We likewise geo-fenced the zone with the goal that nobody can get to the information in the event that they aren't in the LAN or alright in the sweep of the wireless network.


Our product gives security from information breaks by checking and telling the administrator of each query and each login by the representatives.

Internal correspondence

We gave a catch that keeps up correspondence between clients of the product. The messages are encrypted, which goes to their HR office and afterward to the recipient.

24-hour assistance

Our developing group is accessible to our clients for the entire hours. In the event that our product crashes or encounters any glitches, we are prepared to help and fix the bugs.

Data check

At the point when you manage an enormous number of information, having an information tally consistently is a lot accommodating. We get that and in this way gave the equivalent through our product.


Alongside keeping up relations with our customers, we additionally give the best of organizations all through the period and keep up their back-end administrations. Our specialists take care to refresh the product at whatever direct fundamental just as add highlights toward the product whenever made essential by the customer.

Experience is everything

We have always been consistent with our belief that, with more experience comes more knowledge. Always learning more and sharing our knowledge using our skills and ideas has been quite fruitful for us. With this thought, we decided to develop Rekindle skills.