Rekindle Skills

Online platform
for distance learning


Rekindle is one of our first undertakings and we are particularly pleased with this one. It is a stage focusing on youthful teenagers and pre-youngsters who are eager to learn more than their scholastic educational program. We take into account all fields of interest, so every youngster can locate their own enthusiasm.

alternative to tutors


By working together with top tier teachers from everywhere the globe ensured in their calling, we ensure that the students outdo everything.

Flexible timings

We realize kids have a great deal going on in their everyday plans. Youngsters would now be able to learn at whatever point they wish to and not take a weight of unbending timings and course fruition.


Our instructors give self-composed books to all understudies who join their course so kids can allude to and revisit the topics taught.

Report cards
for parents

Rekindle Skills provides an intuitive report card to parents which lets them focus onto areas which the student excels in and where an improvement can be seen which allows parents to help study particular topics with higher concentration.